All our AFTER SCHOOL Classes on held in a safe & fun environment, (on school premises, in designated play areas).  The  SJA Coaches will notify all student/parents (by email) on the specific playground area (depending on the school and current lesson/sports activity.

Basic speed and quickness drills will be emphasized at each and every class lesson (as well as an intro to a "nutrition & health tip of the week".  Semester session will mainly include learning a new team sport, (rotating every few weeks), with training skills in football, baseball, basketball & soccer. We will also plan to play fun, controlled, (non-contact) scrimmages, whenever possible!


Please have your child wear tennis shoes if possible and please bring a water bottle to each class.

The classes are 1 hour long (including the warm-ups, speed & quickness drills, sports lessons and water breaks). 


(PLEASE NOTE: Rainy day weather may be cause for RAIN-OUT days  - in which our coaches will try to notify parents by text or email as early as possible is classes need to be canceled, otherwise assume class is still on). 

                                                Unfortunately, the RAIN-OUT day class WILL NOT be made up or refunded.




No classes are currently scheduled.

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